Hypertextual Ultrastructures:
Movement and Containment in Texts and Hypertexts
Hypertextual Ultrastructures:  Movement and Containment Among Texts and Hypertexts

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TABLE OF CONTENTS and TAG CLOUD for Chapter 4: Text, Tools, Code, and Metacode
  • Stage Directions: Watching Versus Reading the Play
  • What the Designer Saw: Three Ways to Build a Blue Box
  • Alterity: Actively Seeking Internal Variation
  • Namespace: Exposure, Disambiguation, Containment, Contextuality
  • Stray Marks: Meaninglessness in the Ultrastructures of Hypertexts
  • What the Webmaster Saw: Three Things to Do with a Copy
  • Layered Perspectives: Reader, Writer, Designer, Publisher, Webmaster

Tag cloud shows the chapter's main ideas.


What the Webmaster Saw

In the "What the Webmaster Saw" section of Chapter 4, I discuss some of the sub-surface information that is usually available to the webmaster or other caretaker of a digital text, but not to the surface-level visitor. Here at hypertextual-ultrastructures.info, you don't have to be the webmaster to make some behind-the-scenes observations about how and by whom the site is being used. You can:

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Hypertextual Ultrastructures:  Movement and Containment Among Texts and Hypertexts